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together, at last.
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We are the new face of industrial safety
The first and only company to manufacture SIL certified safety radar
Inxpect is a young technology company that designs and manufactures radar for industrial safety and robotics. We breathe radar, we think safety.
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LBK System. 3D safety radar.
A revolutionary volumetric safety radar.
LBK is a SIL2 certified safety radar system that creates a virtual safety area to prevent access and machinery restarting when an operator enters dangerous areas.
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How much do you know about radar?
Radar technology makes it possible to detect objects and people through radio waves, which are harmless to human health. This technology is resistant to disturbances caused by light, dust, swarf and any other environmental factors.
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In any lights
Resistant to dust
and temperature
In any
and outdoor
100% privacy
Works where optical sensors fail
Optical devices often fail in the presence of dust, smoke, water or swarf generated by production processes. The Inxpect team is highly specialized in radar technology, and has designed sophisticated FMCW radar algorithms capable of filtering these types of disturbances to reduce false alarms and increase productivity.
Immune to debris
Robust to fluids
Immune to smoke

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