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Inxpect Safety Radar Equipment now comes with an official URCap plugin. Both programmers and final users will greatly benefit from the streamlined integration between Inxpect sensors and UR robots.
We are UR+ Partner!
Watch the video to discover the new URCap plug-in
URCap Plugin
With the integration of the URCap Plugin, all relevant information about the Inxpect Safety Radar Equipment are available at a glance on the teach pendant.
Main page

Up to 6 smart sensors simultaneously monitored by the same control unit.

Control unit page

All status, digital inputs and outputs in one place.

Smart sensors page

All status of the detection fields, target distance, working mode of each sensor.

Information view

All information about Smart Sensors and Control Units.

URCap plugin
Download the URCap plugin to start integrating Inxpect Safety Radar Equipment with your Universal Robots product.
URCap plugin
Version: 1.1 | Last modified: 23/11/2023 | 1.6 MB
Inxpect SRE URCap instructions
Version: 1 | Last modified: 23/11/2023 | 2.4 MB
Inxpect SRE - UR+ SafetyGuide
Version: 1 | Last modified: 23/11/2023 | 78 KB

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