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Inxpect is a young tech company with an extraordinary team and corporate culture, which have allowed the company to develop the most advanced safety radar in the world
The safety radar era begins
In 2015, Luca Salgarelli, the CEO of Inxpect SpA, had an inkling about the possibility of using radar for applications no one had ever considered before. Radar technology has numerous advantages with respect to other technologies, because it can operate natively in 3D in difficult conditions. He therefore decided that it was the right time to invest in researching the best fields of application.
Inxpect gathered the best radar experts from Italy and abroad to create a one of a kind team with all the necessary skills for developing intelligent radar sensors. Professionals in hardware, software, digital signals management and others, worked side by side to develop a technology that no one had ever mastered before at such a high level.
Management Team
Luca Salgarelli
CEO and Co-Founder
Luca Salgarelli
Chiara Damioli
Communications Manager
Chiara Damioli
Miki Granski
VP of Technology
Miki Granski
Jessica Galantucci
Sales & Business Development Manager
Jessica Galantucci
Laura Fiabane
Director of Human Resources
Laura Fiabane
Lorenzo Nava
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Lorenzo Nava
Gabriele Scalfi
Director of Production
Gabriele Scalfi
Francesco Visentin
Director of ICT
Francesco Visentin
Ivan Paderno
Director of Technical Support and Customer Service
Ivan Paderno
Our founding principles

The centrality of the human person

The quality of work, especially on the safety front, as a fundamental aspect of both personal and business growth

The establishment of the principles of personal accountability, competence and responsibility

Environmental protection and sustainable development

Our values
To contribute positively to the world and the society we inhabit.
To change, diversity of opinion, technology, the possibility of making mistakes, as a pillar for knowledge and value.
Respecting the roots and social conventions of everyone who works at Inxpect, integrating various expressions of culture, from humanistic to technological.
To never disconnect ourselves from the context in which we operate.
A corporate culture focused on technology
At Inxpect, we live and breathe technology
Passion is what guides our team, a passion that continues to grow from month to month: that is the driving force that makes anything possible, and that made Inxpect the first company in the world (and the only one to date) to create a SIL-certified safety radar system.
Wide-ranging knowledge of the market
We have in-depth knowledge of the global safety market. We know all of its demands and secrets. We know what different industries need and we are here to change the idea of safety from how it is perceived today to bring it to a totally new level. Inxpect is an international company with offices in Italy, Spain, Germany, North America, China and with future plans to have a direct presence in many other countries.
Our personnel and investors share our profound certainty that we will revolutionize the world of industrial safety, bringing it to a totally new level, saving human lives.
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