Sense the world in 3D
The next generation safety radar system
modern technology that offers superior safety
Inxpect produces safety systems for advanced industrial automation and robotics systems based on radar technology. Our systems can detect the entrance and presence of operators in dangerous areas and stop machinery from restarting until the area is free of people, also in the presence of dust, debris, smoke and dirt.
Access detection
Access detection
Puts the machinery in a safe condition when operators enter the protected area
Restart prevention
Restart prevention
Enables machine restart only when the dangerous area is free of any operators

Why choose a safety radar system?

Inxpect radar systems are resistant to any disturbances stemming from smoke, dust, shavings, sprays or machining residues.

The sensors can work at high sensitivity and can even detect the micro-movements of a person breathing to prevent accidental machine restart.

This radar intrinsically reads the space in 3D, providing volumetric coverage of the dangerous area.

LBK System is SIL2 certified, the most advanced safety level in the industrial sector.


Nothing has ever been this safe

in the industrial sector
Inxpect radar systems adapt to many different usage situations in a wide range of working environments. Below are some of the most common usage scenarios, where radar technology has significantly increased safety levels.
Protection from access to dangerous areas

Find out how Inxpect safety radar systems allow operators to work in total safety next to moving machinery

Anti-collision systems for bridge cranes

Find out how a bridge crane equipped with an Inxpect safety radar system allows operators to work in areas where cranes are operating in total safety

Prevention of robot workcell restart

Find out how the Inxpect radar system guarantees total safety for operators performing maintenance inside of a robotic workcell

Acess Prevention to loading areas with independent motion systems (MIR)

Find out how radar systems can guarantee safety even in highly automated environments

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