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C201 is the most advanced control unit
with the widest range of communication options (FSoE, MODBUS and digital I/O).
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Safety Fieldbus

The Ethernet Fieldbus permits connection between the control unit and the PLC that controls the machine, to exchange complex information, such as real time operator position, allowing rapid integration with machinery fieldbuses.

Dynamic setting of detection fields

With the C201 FSoE it is possible to change the detection field dynamically by selecting in real time one of the 32 available configurations. This feature is particularly useful in mobile applications, like AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicles) and MIR (Mobile Industrial Robots) applications.

Secure ethernet configuration

Remote configuration and management protected by industry standard cyber-security protocols.
Digital inputs

Two dual channel inputs which support the following functions:

  • restart signal
  • muting signal
  • dynamic configuration switch
  • system recondition
  • stop signal

The following functions can also be used as single channel:

  • restart signal
  • system recondition
Safety outputs

Two dual channel safety outputs for the detection signal, either for one or more detection fields or four digital OSSD outputs used individually (non safe) which can be configured as:

  • system diagnostic signal
  • restart feedback signal
  • muting enable feedback signal
Muting function
The system can be configured to temporarily inhibit the capability of one or more sensors, avoiding an alarm status when a movement is present in their field of view.
Maximum flexibility.
One control unit, from one to six sensors: small to large, simple to complex, a solution for every requirement.
  • Automatic background detection and removal allows the system to adapt itself to changing conditions in the work area.
  • The software supplied with the system allows for multiple configurations: assisted automatic configuration for regularly-shaped areas and manual configuration for monitoring more complex areas.
  • Programmable muting allows the creation of differentiated intervention areas where operators can gain safe access according to production logic.
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Technical details

Outputs 4 Outputs Signal Switching Devices (OSSDs)
or 2 dual channel safety outputs
Safety outputs High-side outputs (with extended protection function)
Max voltage: 30 V dc | Max current: 0.4 A | Max power: 12 W
Inputs 2 dual channel TYPE3 digital inputs with common GND
4 single channel TYPE3 digital inputs with common GND [from FW 2.0.0 onwards]
Fieldbus interface Ethernet based safety fieldbus (Safety over EtherCAT® FSoE)
Modbus interface Ethernet interface for real time data monitoring
Power supply 24 V dc (20–28 V dc) Max current: 1 A (no OSSD)
Max power consumption 5 W (no OSSD)
Assembly DIN guide
Degree of protection IP20
Terminals Section: 1mm2 | Max Current: 4 A with 1mm2 cables
System configuration Ethernet, USB
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