Smart Sensor 200 SERIES
S201A is the first SIL-rated
MIMO radar in the world.
Operating in the millimeter waves V band (60 GHz), with dynamically selectable field of view and up to four alarm areas, it is ideal for complex application scenarios, including mobile use cases.
S201A S201A
Safety is a priority for Inxpect. To make workplaces safer, we developed a sensor that prevents people getting hurt using the safest 3D technology in the world: the radar.
Access protection
Access protection
First safety function: a 3D, variable aperture virtual barrier with up to four different detection fields, providing a secure signal to control machinery.
Restart prevention
Restart prevention
Second safety function: safe presence sensing to prevent machinery from starting as long as operators are in dangerous areas.
Four configurable detection fields
Four configurable detection fields
Each sensor supports up to four different detection fields in 3D, each with a different safety output.
Dynamically selectable field of view
Dynamically selectable field of view
The field of view is dynamically selectable both in range and in horizontal aperture (from 10 to 100 deg. in 10 deg. increments): perfect for moving applications.
Static Object Detection
Static Object Detection
This option allows to detect static objects in the area where the restart prevention safety function is activated. By doing so it prevents the mobile device from restarting when there are obstacles in the area.
3D Scanning
3D Scanning
Radar functions natively in 3D, and can therefore protect dangerous areas volumetrically. This sets them apart from any other safety sensing technology.
Robust to environmental disturbances
Robust to environmental disturbances
Inxpect radars are extremely robust to smoke, water splashes, dust and machining dust, as well as completely immune to optical disturbances. This allows for a significant reduction of false alarms.
Response time
Response time
The system response time is less than 100ms, which reduces the area required to protect the machine to a minimum.
Smart Safety
Industrial safety at its best: Inxpect safety radars detect access or presence of operators in dangerous areas, allowing real-time dynamic setting of the detection and warning zones.
Dynamically-adjustable detection field
The S201A answers to the demands of complex safety applications. From mobile robotics to advanced industrial automation.

Technical details

Frequency Millimeter waves V-band: 60 GHz
Connectors Two 5-pin M12 connectors (1 male and 1 female)
CAN bus termination resistance 120 Ω (not supplied, to be installed with termination connector)
Power supply 12 V dc ± 20%, through control unit
Power consumption 2.8 W
Degree of protection IP67
Operating temperature From -30 to +60 °C (-22 to +140 °F)
Case material Sensor: PA66 (front) + Aluminum (back) | Bracket: PA66 and glass fiber (GF)
Sensing field
Sensing field
3 axes adjustment
3 axes adjustment
Sensing field
3 axes adjustment
2006/42/EC (MD - Machinery)
2014/53/EU (RED - Radio equipment)
IEC/EN 62061: 2005, A1:2013, A2:2015, AC:2010 SIL 2
EN ISO 13849-1: 2015 PL d
EN ISO 13849-2: 2012
IEC/EN 61496-1: 2013
IEC/EN 61508: 2010 Part 1-7 SIL 2
IEC/EN 61000-6-2:2019
ETSI EN 305 550-1 v1.2.1
ETSI EN 305 550-2 v1.2.1
ETSI EN 301 489-1 v2.2.3 (only emissions)
ETSI EN 301 489-3 v2.1.1 (only emissions)
IEC/EN 61326-3-1: 2017
IEC/EN 61010-1: 2010
IEC/TS 62998-1:2019
IEC/EN 61784-3-3 for the PROFIsafe Fieldbus

Nothing has ever been this safe

in the industrial sector
Inxpect safety products adapt to many different usage situations in a wide range of working environments. Below are some of the most common usage scenarios, where radar technology has significantly increased safety levels.
Protection from access to dangerous areas

Find out how Inxpect safety products allow operators to work in total safety next to moving machinery

Anti-collision systems for bridge cranes

Find out how a bridge crane equipped with Inxpect safety products allow operators to work in areas where cranes are operating in total safety

Prevention of robot workcell restart

Find out how Inxpect safety products guarantee total safety for operators performing maintenance inside of a robotic workcell

Access Prevention to loading areas with independent motion systems (MIR)

Find out how Inxpect safety products guarantee safety even in highly automated environments

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