LBK System, World's first!
The highest level of industrial safety.
The first and only SIL2/Pld certified radar sensor system in the world.
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LBK System. 3D safety radar
LBK system detects access or the presence of operators in a dangerous area. In any environmental conditions (dust, smoke, swarf, water aerosols), it guarantees a level of safety never before reached by any other system in the world. The radar waves of the sensor cover the entire dangerous area, creating a 3D protected zone.
Maximum configuration flexibility.
The system is composed of a controller that can be connected to up to 6 LBK-S01 sensors.
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  • Perfect alignment among the sensors is not necessary.
  • The software supplied with the system allows for multiple configurations: assisted automatic configuration for regularly-shaped areas and manual configuration for monitoring more complex areas.
  • Programmable muting allows the creation of differentiated intervention areas where operators can gain safe access according to production logic.
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Access detection
Access detection
Each LBK sensor can create a configurable virtual barrier that delineates an alarm area and a pre-alarm area, providing a secure signal that can slow down or stop the machine.
Restart prevention
Restart prevention
The system can detect operator micro-movements and prevent machine restart, ensuring complete operator safety.
The controller manages the statuses of all the sensors, including the muting function, used to temporarily deactivate some sensors when they are not required to detect motion in the area. When properly configured, the muting function allows operators to temporarily access non dangerous areas.
Safety area 3D configurator
Safety area 3D configurator
The Inxpect Safety Application can be used to configure the alarm and pre-alarm areas in 3D, and to create optimum coverage of the dangerous area using different beam angles from the sensors, which is then validated by the software once the system is physically installed.
< 100ms
< 100ms
Response time
The system response time is less than 100ms, which reduces the area required to protect the machine to a minimum.

Technical details

LBK System
Detection method Inxpect motion detection algorithm based on FMCW radar
Frequency Working band: 24–24,25 GHz (24.05-24.25 for UK and FR)
Transmission power: ≤ 13 dBm - Modulation: FMCW
Detection interval From 0 to 4 m (0 to 13.1 ft), depending on the installation conditions
Sensing field and
Installation height
Wide FOV configuration: 110° Horiz. | 30° Vert., Height: 0 to 3 m (0 to 9.8 ft)
Narrow FOV configuration: 50°Horiz. | 15° Vert., Height: 0 to 3 m (0 to 9.8 ft)
Guaranteed response time < 100 ms
SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 2
PL (Performance Level) d
Categoria 2 (3 for the outputs)
Total consumption 11 W (controller and six sensors)
Operating Temperature From -40 to +60 °C (-40 to +140 °F)
Storage Temperature From -40 to +80 °C (-40 to +176 °F)
Communication protocol (sensors-controller) CAN complies with standard EN 50325-5
Warranty period 36 months from the date of purchase of the product
Connectors 2 5-pin M12 connectors (1 male and 1 female)
CAN bus termination resistance 120 Ω (not supplied, to be installed with termination connector)
Power supply 12 V dc ± 20%, through controller
Degree of protection IP67
Material Sensor case: PA66 | Bracket: PA66 and glass fiber (GF)
LBK-C22 Control UNIT
Outputs 4 relay outputs:
1 dual channel safety output | 2 auxiliary outputs
Safety relay outputs Forced guided relays
Max voltage: 30 V dc | Max current: 8 A dc | Max power: 240W
Auxiliary relay outputs Electromechanical relays
Max voltage: 30 V dc | Max current: 2 A dc | Max power: 60W
Inputs 3 dual channel digital inputs with common GND:
1 type 1 | 1 type 2 | 1 type 3
Power supply 24 V dc (20–28 V dc) Max current: 0.6A
Consumption Max 3,8 W
Assembly DIN guide
Degree of protection IP20
Terminals Section: 2.5mm2 | Max Current: 12A with 2.5mm2 cables
Section 2 x 0.34mm2 power supply - 2 x 0.34mm2 data
Type Two twisted pairs: power supply and data
Connectors 5-pole M12
Impedance 120 Ω ±12 Ω (f = 1 MHz)
Shield Shield with twisted wires in tin-plated copper. Requires ground connection.
Length 30m (98.4ft) from controller to sensor (configuration with 1 sensor)

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